Pastor Mathew Koeberg is the founding pastor of Operation People missions organisation, that have been working in Africa for more than two decades, since 1991. His  infectious missions passion, to reach the unevangelised and unreached in Africa, with the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, has left far more than footprints in Africa. His trail of obedience to the Lord’s missions call, into our vast continent, is marked by countless number of men and women infused with like-passion; whose lives, because of his obedience and example, will never be the same again. We will always be engaged with the Great Commision by either going, sending or praying for missions in Africa. Praise the Lord.

Pastor Koeberg’s Prayer Requests:
“We  are departing for  Rwanda, Burundi and DRC on the 9 August  to  conduct  leadership training, please pray for  us”:

  1. To teach the word of God with clarity and  boldness 
  2. To open the understanding of the pastors so that they can understand the teaching, remember it,  apply it in their lives and share it with  others
  3. To be guided and filled with the Holy  Spirit
  4. For journeys mercies – free from injuries and accidents via air and to keep our vehicle in good mechanical order as we travel in these countries
  5. For good health and protection from sicknesses and deceases
  6. Against loneliness as we are separated from our family
  7. For our families – peace, comfort and loneliness
  8. For smooth border crossing 

Thanking you in advance  and HAVE A BLESSED WEEK!

Pastor Mathew & Ethel Koeberg